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The Hill Hotel Public-Private Partnership

Proposed site for The Hill Hotel

Proposed site for The Hill Hotel


Last year…

City Council and the broader community offered feedback on the proposed approach to the partnership, primarily requesting that the partnership revisit how to best assist existing small businesses, how much demand there is for additional parking on the Hill and the overall cost of the project. The partnership concept has since been refined with a greater emphasis on its people, parking and price considerations. 

The revised concept:

  • Enhances engagement with stakeholders and provides support to assist with the relocation of existing businesses;

  • Updates Hill parking utilization data and leverages findings to propose plans for parking needs during construction and opportunities for enhanced access in the future; and

  • Reimagines and significantly reduces city investment to focus on public improvements.

The refined concept no longer includes a public underground garage on the project site. Staff intends to forward to City Council a Dec. 2018 recommendation from the University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission (UHCAMC) to sell the underutilized Pleasant Street parking lot to the hotel developers (contingent on approval of the hotel) and to reinvest the proceeds in alternative long-term parking solutions. A second request will be for a percentage of the new accommodations tax revenue generated by the hotel to be reinvested in capital improvements on the project site for a limited number of years. The refined concept is intended to leverage the Pleasant Street UHGID lot as a catalyst site to attract an anchor use while pursuing strategic investments that will reduce UHGID’s dependence on general fund support over the long term.

The Hill Reinvestment Working Group held a preview meeting on Dec. 20 about the refined concept, and approximately 20 people attended. An additional public meeting about the refined concept was held on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019, from 4-5:30 p.m., in the Boulder City Council Chambers, with opportunities for feedback, and seven people attended. This project was  discussed with City Council at a study session on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Staff is working on next steps to return to council with additional requested information.

For more information, contact the city’s Hill Community Development Coordinator: 303-413-7335

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