Meet the Designer of The Hill Boulder Logo

Jash Tracey is a long-time art director and graphic designer. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a BFA in digital art, Jash joined Rage Unlimited, a boulder-based creative firm specializing in apparel design, corporate identity and product development. He has worked closely with many Colorado businesses as well as a variety of national and international companies.

Drawn to design as a means to explore new ideas, Jash looks to continue helping people and organizations communicate their purpose in imaginative ways that resonate with audiences.

What was the inspiration behind your Hill logo design? 

The Hill has always struck me as a kind of epicenter or heart of Boulder. All the different walks of life that call Boulder home find themselves, in one way or another, traveling through or living on The Hill. South you find residential Boulder natives, West you find the iconic Flatirons, North you find Pearl and East lies CU. The Hill exists in the middle and when you’re there it’s kind of like looking through a window into Boulder as a whole.

The logo shape reminds us of a window and as we look through it we see the layers of sunshine, mountains, front range hills and buildings that give us a sense of all the different aspects of Boulder coming together as one; the way they do in real life on the Hill. 

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