The Event Street is the Hill Boulder's newest eventing space. It can be found off of Pennsylvania Ave between 13th street and the alleyway. The Event Street serves as a unique venue that boasts a series of features which include; innovative street design that makes it easier to close the street for events, landscaping and street furnishings that connect the CU campus design. It also features the first Tivoli-lighting across a public street in Boulder - perfect for maintaining the ambiance of the setting sun over the flatirons and due to its convenient and central location on the Hill. The Event Street is easily accessible, with ample street parking surrounding the venue.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my Event can I book the Event Street?

You’re able to book the space as early as you'd like. We aim to host an event within a 90 day cycle so we ask that at the very least you submit an Event Application Form 3 months before your proposed Event date.

Can I sell merchandise on the Event Street? 

Yes. The sale of products on the Event Street is permitted, however, it will require additional permitting applications. As such, please notify us of your intention to sell merchandise at the very outset.

Can I serve alcohol or is a license required?

A temporary liquor permit is required for all events during which alcohol is served or sold. In order to qualify for this permit, you would need to be a non-profit or you will need to have a non-profit event partner. The Hill Boulder would be delighted to partner with you for an additional permitting and processing cost.

Are there restroom facilities on the Event Street?

Currently there are no restrooms on the Event Street. If the Event is attended by more than 75 people and if alcohol is served/sold. The City would require porter potties to be provided.

How much does it cost to hire the Event Street?

Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the Event. You can request an event  quote on the website or by emailing us directly.

What time can I start and end the event?

You can host your Event at any time that falls within the street closure times in the Special Event Application Form.

Do you offer parking?

Parking will not be permitted on the Event Street during an Event, however, there is ample parking on the Hill.

Do you allow entertainment, bands or live music?

Yes! Feel free to make use of entertainment, please just let us know of this intention at the outset before the Street Closure Application is submitted.

Do you offer catering?

The Hill Boulder does not directly offer catering, however, we are able to connect you with any one of the wonderful food vendors that can be found on the Hill. 

Are you pet friendly?

Yes! We love our fury friends so bring them along! Just please be sure to pick up after them.

If you're interested in hosting an event with us, please fill out our Event Application form below and we'll get back to you accordingly.

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