The streets in the commercial district are lined with spots. This on-street pay station and metered parking is available throughout The Hill.  


$1.25/hr – Enforced Mon-Sat

·          25c/12min

·          50c/24min

·          75c/36min

·         $1.00/48min

Pay Stations accept MC,Visa, Amx,&  DBI gift card, and good old fashioned quarters, nickels and dimes. 

You can also pay by phone. See, It's simple to avoid a ticket.

Things to keep in mind: Don't feed the parking meter. It may be ravenous for quarters, but this is terrible, rotten idea that will land you a parking ticket. The meters are enforced Monday-Saturday and it's (hooray!) free on Sundays and holidays. 

Next, are parking lots. 


*1205 Pleasant Street (behind The Fitter and Owsleys Golden Road) 

*14th Street (behind Starbucks)

*13th and Penn lot (not a City of Boulder lot) 

Eschew cars? The Hill is just a Hop, Skip or Jump away from everywhere in Boulder. 

Both the Hop and the Skip run through The Hill. The Hop is a big loop around Boulder and surrounding areas running up 9th, College, on to The Hill, Euclid and then Colorado and beyond. Need to get from 9th street to campus quickly? This is a good option. See the whole Hop route HERE

The Skip is essentially a big line throughout the center of Boulder, running straight through The Hill on Broadway. Want to get from far north or South Boulder fast? Take the Skip right to The Hill via Broadway. For the whole Skip route click HERE

There is parking plentiful 2 hour parking around the commercial district. The caveat is, you can only park in this two hour section one time per day. 

Like two wheels instead of four? Check out the new Boulder Bicycle share station on 13th and College conveniently located right in the commercial district. 

For the more parking info head over to the City of Boulder website HERE