Join The Hill Boulder today!


Join the the Hill Boulders' businesses and become a member today! 

Your membership helps support our University Hill commercial district in the following ways:

  • Strengthening partnership between businesses + neighborhood communities through meetings and district improvement projects ex. Hill cleanup
  • Concerted voice to City Council on policies involving the greater-University Hill issues
  • Ability to retain a Hill Event/Marketing Coordinator to promote the district's businesses and events 
  • Ability to purchase a general liability insurance policy to make it easy for organizations and smaller promoters to bring events to The Hill, which in turn generates traffic and supports small businesses the district
  • Creation and promotion of a unified vision for the University Hill Commercial Area and work with like-minded business owners, property owners and residential neighbors to achieve that vision

To become a member join us at our next meeting or Email Thehillboulder1@Gmail.coM to learn more!