Flip Night with Ryan Van Duzer

Boulder native Ryan Van Duzer takes the road less traveled. Post graduation from CU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Ryan headed to Honduras with the Peace Corps. After working with disadvantaged youth he headed back to Boulder...The long way- via a three month bike trek. His TV career began at Boulder’s channel 54 with his show “Out There” encouraging viewers to get out and explore their surroundings. Since then Ryan has produced and appeared on The Travel Channel, National Geographic, CurrentTV, Men’s Journal and many other outlets. Before his illustrious TV career began Ryan was an average college dude drinking beers at The Sink. Here he shares with The Hill Boulder one of his favorite memories from his college days. 

“Every Monday night during my senior year at CU (2003), a small group of buddies would gather at the Sink for what we called 'Heads Club.' We didn't go for the famous pizza though, we went with handfuls of quarters and a thirst for cheap beer. 

Monday at the Sink was 'Flip Night,' a night where cheap college students gathered with hopes of winning their drinks. It was simple, patron vs bartender, heads or tails. You call it correctly and the drink is yours for just a quarter, easy!   

After a few months of playing the game, we decided that calling 'heads' every single time would be easier, and probably yield the same results, if not better. From that moment on, Heads Club was born. There was only one rule to be in our group, you call heads every single time you ponied up to the bar. It didn't matter if you lost an entire round and paid full price for each drink, heads was the only way for us.     

It wasn't a rowdy night out, I never remember having more than a few drinks. It was just a fun excuse to sit with good friends, bond over a few beers, and talk about everything under the sun.”  

Check out Ryan’s website duzertv.com and follow him on Instagram & Twitter