Throw Back Thursday: Tulagi's

The Hill has a rich music history. One of the most prominent venues, Tulagi's is legendary on The Hill. Here history from the famous/infamous venue is shared by Carol Taylor of the Boulder History Museum. 

Prohibition/Tulagi Boulder had a particularly long prohibition, from 1907 to 1967.  An exception was made for ‘non-intoxicating liquors’ in 1933.  That included beer with just 3.2 percent alcohol.  The Sink was the first business to serve 3.2 beer on The Hill, followed closely by Tulagi.  At the time, you only had to be 18-years-old to drink the low alcohol suds.

Tulagi, at  1129 13th  opened in 1951. The name Tulagi comes from one of the Solomon Islands that figured in the Pacific campaign of World War II.

During the 1960s Rock ‘n’ Roll era, Tulagi hosted some of the best known bands in the country as well as many local bands that went on to make it big.  The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, ZZ Top (reportedly their first gig outside of Texas), Flash Cadillac, The Astronauts and many others.  The Astronauts were Boulder’s surf band.  They signed with RCA Records as a competing act for The Beach Boys of Capitol Records.

Crowds lined the street for blocks and pitchers and pitchers of 3.2 beer were consumed.