Business Spotlight: Beat Cycle

We admit, any workout that promises to "keep the beats thumping and your legs pumping" is pretty intriguing. Not to mention it is rumored that a Beat Cycle workout burns around 800+ calories in a single hour (the workout equivilant of spotting a mythical unicorn...Think of all those burgers you could potentially consume!....Kidding). But what exactly is the the workout? A ride on a stationary bike? No...It's so much more. Simply stated: A full body workout, Beat Cycle uses both weights and resistance to get all your bits and pieces going. Plus, Beat Cycle, is Boulder's only indoor cycling studio. Moving in to the chilly winter months this is the perfect workout to make you feel the holiday burn. We ask owners Carlos and Hilary Cruz-Abrams some questions about their new Hill business. 

Tell us about yourself, your background and how you ended up in Boulder: We met on the swim team in college and have been married for the past 15 years.  After Carlos graduated from law school, we spent a year in Denver while he clerked on the Colorado Supreme Court before moving back to New York City for Hilary to attend grad school and Carlos to start his legal career.  Over the next decade, we found ourselves taking more and more vacations to Colorado, bringing our children to ski, hike and bike and finally we realized that our hearts were out here, so we may as well take the plunge and move our lives out here too!  It was the best decision we ever made!  We love Boulder -- from the food, to the fitness, to the scenery and the access to nature, it is the best place we can imagine to raise our family and live our lives. We are hooked for life!

Why did you open your business on the hill, and tell us about Beat Cycle: The Hill is, in many ways, the heart of Boulder.  It is the intersection of the University, which in many ways defines our community, the greater local population and the doorstep to the breathtaking natural wonders we get to all share.  We love how vibrant the Hill is -- college students and other folks alike streaming in for concerts, meals, a chance to catch sight of the president at The Sink...what more can you ask for?  We thought that locating our business on the Hill would allow us to reach the greatest cross-section of Boulder we could imagine.  With our dedication to living a healthy life and embracing and making fitness a part of your everyday, we wanted to give the student population an alternative place to go and have fun while getting super fit in the process!   Beat Cycle has taken traditional spinning classes and turned them into a crazy fun party!  We train our instructors to not only lead the most challenging and energetic full-body exercise classes possible, but to also be DJs and to set the whole experience to an incredible soundtrack that leaves you feeling like you just spent 45 minutes at the best dance party of your life.  Take a rave...a weightlifting session...a really hard run...mash them all together, and you get Beat Cycle!

What are you top 3 ultimate cycling jams? We are OBSESSED with Fireball by Pitbull.  You get some serious Miami-style club beats with incredible energy.  Love it.  For a slow climb, we'll take Lenny Kravitz's American Woman any day of the week -- it is a sick song that inspires you to really crush a climb.  And if you are looking for the ultimate sprint, reach WAAAAAAY back and bring out The Devil Went Down To Georgia -- trust us, it will leave you absolutely breathless.

And now for the nuts and bolts...Beat Cycle offers several classes a day to allow riders to find a time that works best for them -- we have classes at 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM on M, W, F, 7 AM and 12 PM on T/Th, 9 Am on Tuesdays, 5:30 and 6:30 PM on M, T, W, 5:30 and 7:30 PM on Th, 5:30 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 10 AM and 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Classes are $20 for a drop in ($19 for a student) and you can also buy a 5 pack ($95/$87.50 student), 10 pack ($180/$170 student), 15 pack ($255/$240 student) or 20 pack ($320/$300 student).  Classes in multi-packs NEVER expire, so you can use them forever.  We are also introducing a monthly unlimited membership starting November 1 -- which will be $95 for the first month and $160 for each month thereafter.  Our website is -- you can buy classes, book bikes, everything there.  You can also follow us on Facebook (Beat Cycle), Twitter (@BeatCycleBoCo), Instagram (beat_cycle), and since we are SERIOUS about our tunes, Spotify (beat_cycle).

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