The Hill Boulder Procrastinator's Holiday Gift Guide

Good thing the holidays aren't right around the corner...Wait...What? It's the holiday season...Already!? How'd this happen? Just a week ago you wearing wearing a sleeveless shirt and doing any of the following: Celebrating Thanksgiving/taking finals/enjoying a beer at the new Illegal Pete's/baking cookies with your grandkids and most importantly, procrastinating about the Holidays. In keeping with the independent spirit of The Hill we've composed an all important, last minute, holiday gift guide. The students are gone for the break, parking is plentiful, and it's a great time to shop local! 

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1. Frisk Accessories, Celestial Earrings. Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry? Head to Frisk Accessories (1144 13th St.) In this jewel box of a store there is something for everyone on your list- from bold, vintage lovers, to outdoorsy fashion plates. 

2. Meow Meow Boutique, Leather bound journals. What are you musing on this holiday season? Meow Meow Boutique (1118 13th St.) has a beautiful selection of unique holiday gifts. These leather journals get your new year off to a great start- fill a blank note book with thoughts for 2015. 

3. Cafe Aion, brunch. More of an experiential gift giver? Give the gift of brunch. From tasty, freshly made pastries, to farm eggs and bacon, Cafe Aion is the best place to fuel up before a winter hike in Chautauqua (1235 Pennsylvania Ave.) 

4. Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe, Beethoven in Denver, Burton Raffel. Someone on your list has a way with words. Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe has an extensive selection of hard-to-find poetry, including books from Colorado authors (1203 13th St.) 

5. Doomd Ink, custom t-shirts. Your kid is a baby Picasso (Or at least in your imagination) Commemorate the artwork on a t-shit- the perfect gift for Grandma. Have a kitschy design for a gag gift for all your friends? Doomd Ink is the place to go- give them any design  and within minutes have your creation printed on a T-Shirt. 

6. Albums on The Hill, Van Morrison, Pay The Devil. Who doesn't love music? Literally. Can you think of one person who doesn't love a good jam? No. With vinyl making a huge comeback, support your local OG record store, Albums (1128 13th St.) is the premier place to get your goods.

7. Meininger Art Materials, Gift Card. Give the gift of art (and craft!) this holiday season. A gift certificate from Meininger can be used by literally everyone from young to old. From Gellyroll markers to a full blown desk creative center, 2015 is the year to get your creative juices flowing! 

8. Half Fast Subs, Long Island Ice Teas. Booze: The gift that keeps giving. It's been a long holiday season, hasn't it? Why not treat yourself to an extra gigantic sandwich with an extra large cocktail. Wrapping presents, bickering with family, your hands are covered in glitter....You've earned a drink (or two).  

Remember this holiday season, if you want to make an impact in your Boulder community- shop local! 

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