Small Business Saturday Spotlight: The Sink

The Sink is a place of Boulder legend. There is too much history to even begin to cover in this paragraph, and that's before we even begin to crack into talks about the extensive and delicious menu...Robert Redford slung drinks behind the bar. President Barack Obama stopped in for a hello. The cartoon walls are a lesson in pop culture history. Nearly every student who has passed through the city of Boulder has a notorious Sink story- an epic flip night, early morning cocktails on graduation day, the best Grade A burger they've ever tasted. When a conversation about The Hill happens, Sink owners and Chris and Mark Heinritz (from left to right in pic) always come up- and all they've done for the district.  

Mark, how many years have you been in operation? We bought the Sink in 1992.  The business has been established since 1923. What's your favorite part about The Hill? The Hill is a vibrant place where part of the customer base is in their formative years and are growing up before your eyes and part of it is nostalgic for those formative years.  There is always an energy of passion for the future. What's your favorite item on the menu?The pizza is always enticing for me but my go to is the entree size salads.  Many of the guys in the kitchen have been with us for 5-10 years and they do a great job. Politics aside, who would you rather spend a flip night with, Barack Obama or Guy Fieri? Hanging with the POTUS is a unique experience but Guy is will keep it lively.  I'm sure he would belt out a Bon Jovi sing along. What's your favorite Robert Redford movie? I can't say I've seen them all but The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are a couple classics of all time. 

Visit The Sink online at and in the restaurant 1165 13th Street, Boulder. Food from 11am-10pm, bar 11am-2am.