Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Half Fast Subs

There are three things that stand out about Half Fast Subs: The largest Sub menu in all of Boulder (and possibly the US, according to them... And who are we to argue), a drink menu with options like a 32 ounce Long Island Iced tea, and the delightfully comedic banter of co-owner Stephen Schein. It's no wonder this popular spot has been drawing students in for years with a fantastic patio, 10 varieties of cheese steaks, and pitchers of margaritas. 

Stephen, how long have you been in business? Is that sandwich years, or people years? We're going in to our 19th year. (editor note: question #2 was edited out for content, but Stephen's answer was chuckle inducing. We were told if we did publish, however, we'd get a free sandwich. Who doesn't love a little cold cut bribery? You can't order this type of stuff off of a menu...) What's your menu pick? The steak and portobello boomer sandwich. 

Visit Half Fast Subs Mon-Wed 10:30-11pm, Thur-Fri 10:30-1am, Sat 11-1am, Sun 11-10pm 

In store: 1215 13th St. and online